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Dear Fahrenheit 451 || Book Review


This was the first EBOOK I ever borrowed from the library. (How cool is it that you can borrow ebooks?! (How late am I to the party? Whoops.))

This was also the first book I read this year, and it was perfect as that. This is the book equivalent to an internet deep dive. You know…when you start with a search on the new Marvel movie and end up on a website dedicated to rare sea turtle diseases. It wasn’t a story with a beginning, middle, and ending. It was exactly what the cover describes: “A Librarian’s Love Letters and Break-Up Notes to the Books in her Life.” Each letter gives you a glimpse at the writer and a taste of the book it is written to.

This is, essentially, a book about books. Some books mentioned are popular titles, some more obscure. Dear Fahrenheit 451 talks to books in letters and notes, and then mentions more in lists, groupings, and pairings. Aren’t sure what to read next? Are all of these book-review-blog-book-pushes getting overwhelming? Here’s a book to get you out of that rut. If nothing else, it’ll push you to go wander your library or talk to a librarian.

Annie Spence is funny. I found myself laughing at a letter to a cookbook (didn’t see that coming). It’s informative, but not dense–like the SparkNotes to her GoodReads. The entire book can be finished in a short sitting and a half. This time is lengthened by the minutes spent jotting down book titles to look up and read later. Like I said, I checked the ebook out from the library, but I might go back and buy the book as a reference for when I need a new book but have book-block.

Immediately after finishing this book, I begged my husband to drive me to the farther-away library. She finally convinced me to read The Virgin Suicides and I couldn’t wait for an interlibrary loan. She mentions it multiple times (it’s her favorite!), which made me feel guilty for passing it up all these years. It wasn’t at all what I expected. I deeeefinitely judged that one by it’s dirty, peely library cover. You can expect a review on it next week.

Dear Dear Fahrenheit 451,

Thanks for making me want to run to the library. Thanks for lengthening my to-read list.

In Lisbon love,




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